Photos for 2013-14 Presentations


Junior and Senior presentations are coming up (see the upcoming events section). We need your help to make the presentation more interestting. If you have any photos from you games this past season, please send them to with the relevant information (team etc) and they will be included in the presetation slide show. Please send up to 5 photo's only, as we have 18 teams to cater for.




I.M.C.C. still needs YOU!


There is a team of very hardworking committee members working right throughout the year to bring together a club aimed at nurturing and teaching young kids the benefits of playing Cricket!

We are still looking for volunteers to come onto our Committee and help us organise the season ahead! If you have a child playing cricket and you are keen to help build the club positively then our committee is right for you! Please contact one of the current committee members, join an active fun committee and get involved!  Find out what we are doing for next season! Get involved and help shape the future of our great club for your kids!


If you need any further information, please contact any of the current committee members.

Committee Members Still Needed

We are still seeking nominations for club Committee positions to manage the club for the next 12 months. While a number of current committee members have re-nominated, there are a number of vacant positions and we welcome all new nominations. Please contact the committee members if you would like to help


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