AGM - New Committee Elected

The new Club Committee was elected at the Annual General Meetingheld last Tuesday in accordance with the Club Constitution.


Congratulations to the new Club President Raiko Miletich, Club Secretary Evan Watson, Treasurer Sonia Hardie and Registrars Allison Watson (Juniors) and Mathew Christison (Seniors). The details of the new Committee can be found on the committee page.



2014-2015 Remaining Events

Wednesday June 3, 2015
S.U.S. Club at 8pm

Monday July 20, 2015
venue & time T.B.A.

Sponsors Page

A number of new sponsors have decided to support the club.We are pleased that they will advertise through our website and make special offers to club members and their families throughout the season. We urge you to support our sponsors as they support the club. Ultimately our sponsors allow us to keep our fees lower and provide better facililities to our junior and senior players.

Please visit the Sponsors page for any special promotions from our sponsors.



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