Rules and Regulations

Under 10 games follow the Cricket Australia Stage 1 format. Under 12  games follow the Cricket Australia Stage 2 format. Under 14 and Under 16 games are similar to the Cricket Australia Stage 3 format but there are differences. 

For ALL age groups the specific playing rules that are applied to all games in the SSJCA can be found in the Competition Playing Regulations here



Live scoring is now available, and we encourage all home teams to try and use the app to score your games this season. Before you can live score a game both teams must make sure they have selected the team list prior to the commencment of the match. Read the instructions here if you need assistance selecting your team. An introduction to the live scoring app is also available here.


Score Sheets

If you happen to run out of score sheets in the books provided at the start of the season you can print them off for Under 10s and Under 12s.





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